The Four Seasons of Portugal

With a climate dictated on two sides by Spain and on the other two by the warm North Atlantic region, Portugal is a destination blessed with enviable weather practically year round. With over three hundred days of sunshine annually, planning walking holidays in Portugal is simply a matter of where, not when! Depending on the region, weather can be as varied as the wonderfully diverse terrain you will encounter in Portugal. In the mountainous north and the central region winters are far chillier than in the coastal Algarve, but each region, and each season, has its own special highlights.


Spring is an ideal season to explore Portugal. The days are warm and sunny but there are far less tourists around than in the peak of summer. The landscape comes alive with an abundance of wildflowers which carpet the hills and verges and, as the season continues, the vibrant hues slowly transform into the more muted palette of summer. This mild yet sunny time of the year is arguably the most picturesque season for walking holidays in Portugal. Alentejo in the south central region of Portugal is a wonderful place to visit in spring. The vast tracts of rural farmlands are studded with olive groves and splashed with fields of sunflowers, and the temperatures are ideal for long rambling walks, exploring the hill towns and vineyards for which the region is famous.


Obviously the peak season for holiday makers, summer in Portugal is an extremely busy time! Portugal has over 800 kilometres of coastline and the beaches, renowned for their pristine sandy stretches, come alive during the hotter months. The better known beaches in the Algarve area become packed solid, but without too much effort it is still possible to escape and discover your own secluded cove. If the hotter climate feels a little exhausting for a full on walking holiday, Portugal has many accessible historical sites which you can visit for a day excursion to get your fill of a fascinating culture.


As temperatures fall and the slow burn of summer slips into autumn, Portugal seems to exhale a warm sigh and again take on a quieter, softer edge. Like spring, the climate is wonderfully mild; still warm enough to enjoy sunbathing and water sports, but cool enough to be able to do some serious hiking. During autumn, the north of Portugal can receive quite a bit of rain, but on the sunny southern coast it remains mostly fine, with only a few wet days a month. The highlight of an autumnal visit is the opportunity to combine some fantastic bird watching with your walking holiday. Portugal is home to many spectacular species of birds of prey which are a magnificent sight as they move down the coast along with other colourful migrating communities.


Even in winter, the spectacular Algarve region is popular with the Euro tourist in search of some much needed winter sun. As much of Europe puts its head down and settles in for the big freeze, the sun is still shining in Portugal! A warm current and temperate breeze ensures that, even though the evenings are cool, blue skies and plenty of sunshine during the day makes for a wonderful holiday respite. With cooler temperatures, some walking aficionados say that in fact, winter is the best time for a walking holiday in Portugal.

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