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The western part of the Iberian Peninsula, the part bathed by the Atlantic Ocean is the traditional country of Portugal. Long ago, the territory between the northern part of Portugal and Spain were not very well defined and the cultural aspects were very similar. But then the Castrena culture made its first appearance with grass thatched huts in a round formation in the north and then the Romans took over, separating the two territories.

From the beginning of the 5th century Braga was named capital of Portugal, then it was invaded by the Visigods and finally, as almost all the Iberian Peninsula, the Arabs moved in, leaving a tremendous influence, especially their architecture, culture and was of govening.

But all this is quite old, and even though it is interesting to know, when visiting Portugal
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and its capital city Lisbon, many people are looking for actual entertainment and fun places to visit along with historical ones.

Lisbon, Portugalís Proud Capital

In Lisbon, where the majority of the tourist start their visit after having arrived at the airport, there are various excursions to do around the city. There are museums of all kinds:

Portugalís nice lodging

Lisbon needs quite a few days to visit it so if you have need some ideas on hotels, here you go. The Four Seasons-Ritz is the tops with beauty gardens and a great view of Eduard VII Park. Or maybe Carlton Palace Hotel which is a 19th century palace with tropical gardens.

Coming down a little the Comfort Principe with a panoramic view restaurant and good service and quality. On the busy Ave. Liberdade in a small neoclassical moorish palace called Veneza, nice pensions like As Janelas Verdes which is a 17 room restored old house from the 18th c. near the Museum of Ancient Art and for those just wanting to lay their heads down, some nicely kept campings or youth hostels.

But once you are in Portugal you have to take full advantage and see places like Sintra, Porto, Albufeira in the Algarve region and an extra special get away to Madeira or the Azores Islands.
Itís all lovely.

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